Biografi Doraemon




Doraemon biodata(taken and translated from here) :

Name: Doraemon
Meaning of the name: It came from the word, “dora-neko” which means “the lost cat”, while the ending -emon is a common ends of name in Japan.
Doraemon is crazy about: Mii-chan (a normal female cat that seems a little out of reach hehehe..)
Original owner: Sewashi (Nobita’s great-great-grandson from 22nd century).
Born (Created for the first time): 1-12-1969
Created by: Fujimoto Hiroshi dan Motoo Abiko
Debut: 1970.
Career in Comic: 1974 – 1996 with the circulation of more than 80 millions comic books around the world (1992).
Career in TV (Asahi): 1979 – present.
Career in Movies: 1980 – present.
Debut in Indonesia (TV): July 1989.
Favourite Food: Dorayaki
Hates: Getting cold and RATS!
Born (in the story):
2112-9-3 (3rd September 2112).
Birth Place
: “Matsushiba” Robots Factory.

Magic Number 1293:

Magic number 1293

Magic number 1293



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